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   Statewide Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting System

This reporting system is provided for your convenience to report suspected instances of abuse or neglect that took place in Tennessee and do not require an emergency response. An emergency is a situation where a child appears to face an immediate risk of abuse or neglect that could result in death or serious harm.

Therefore you may use this reporting system to report priority 2 or 3 referrals but not priority 1 referrals. See DCS Policy 14.3, section E, for referral priority definitions. If you have any doubts regarding if your referral is an emergency, please call Central Intake instead of using this on-line referral application

Contact 911 if the situation is a life-threatening emergency.

It may take up to 24 hours to process reports of abuse and neglect made through the web-based internet reporting process. If you believe the allegation of abuse/neglect/fatality you are reporting requires action in less than 24 hours, please contact The Department of Children's Service's Central Intake Division Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-237-0004 or 1-877-54ABUSE (1-877-542-2873).

Also contact Central Intake Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-237-0004 or 1-877-54ABUSE (1-877-542-2873) for the following situations:

  • the situation you are reporting is an abuse/neglect/child fatality emergency;
  • you prefer to remain anonymous;
  • you have insufficient data to complete the required information on the report;
  • the suspected abuse/neglect you are reporting occurred outside the state of Tennessee and you do not know how to contact the state where it occurred.
  • you are unsure if the report is imminent risk of harm
  • you do not want e-mail confirmation of your report

You may therefore use this reporting system to report injuries or risk of injuries that are not imminent, life threatening, that do not require immediate medical care or pose a low risk of harm to the child. See DCS Priority Response Definition Examples for examples of imminent risk of harm that should be immediately reported to Central Intake Child Abuse Hotline via telephone. If there is any doubt about whether the situation requires a Priority 1 (immediate) response or there is any imminent risk of harm/danger to the child, then telephone Central Intake @ 1-877-237-0004 or 1-877-54ABUSE (1-877-542-2873) immediately.

If the situation concerns a life threatening emergency, please contact 911 immediately.

I have read the notice above and I believe that the instance of abuse or neglect I have to report is NOT an emergency.

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